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5 mistakes brands make when making videos

Everybody and their grandma has a brand. And every brand benefits from video marketing. So, everyone's grandma is trying to make their own videos, and then wondering why they don't seem to work, or why they look terrible. Well, it's probably for one of these reasons:

1 - Making a video for the sake of making a video

JUST WHY?! Plan ahead, people. Do you want brand awearness? Do you want to sell a particular product? Design your video to serve a greater purpose. Make it for a reason.

2- Misrepresenting your brand

If you try to make your video look like an Apple ad, people are going to believe it is an Apple ad. Your audiance needs to know that they're watching your video, and remember it.

3- Too long

Depending on how you're distributing your video, people may be willing to wait very little. Try to remember how long was the last video you watched on Facebook. And how long did you watch for?

4- Confusing messages

If you're video is about your new line of flying broomsticks, don't talk about how your grandfather got inspired to start this business on his trip to Atlantis in 1927. Choose one thing to say. Say it right.

5- Thinking it's easy

People spend their lives learning to use cameras correctly, record great audio, to edit, to format, to do VFX, and so on. Don't drop all of your hopes on your new phone's camera. Invest time and resources to make a great video. It'll pay off in the end.


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