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5 tips fot better video marketing

So maybe you want to jump on the video marketing wagon. Everyone's talking about it, right? I certainly don't shut up about it. And in that spirit, I figured I'd give you some pointers for a head start on your video game.

1.-Don't go long and dull, obviously

You know the drill. Keep it short to save resources (and respect the short attention span we all have in social media), but make sure it's still an amazing video. It's a hard line to walk sometimes, but I have faith in you. Keeping your video seconds efficient will not only make it more appealing for your audiance but the old algorithms back at facebook will probably reward you for it.

2.- Share it across the web

Make sure to hit as many places as you possibly can. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. You probably won't lose anything, and it will not only widen your reach, but produce very important data for you to consider the next time you make a video, which should be soon. Of course, if you already know a lot about your audience, and you know you won't find them on a particular platform, then don't waste your time. But if you're still learning about your audience, this is a great way to gather information.

3.- Add a call to action

This one might seem a little basic, but you know, let's always make sure we drive it home. Of course, this has a lot to do with you knowing exactly why you're making a video. If you're smart, this should come naturally from a very specific plan which detailes a very specific interaction your video should have with a customer at a very specific time. So it shouldn't be hard to know if you want the customer to learn more, call now, buy, etc.

4.-Tell a story

I can hear you screaming at the screen "HOW CAN YOU ASK ME TO KEEP IT SHORT AND TO TELL A STORY IN THE SAME ARTICLE YOU MONSTER?" And, well, yes. It is very hard to sell something to your audiance AND keep them entertained in such a short time. But if you want your video to have the greatest impact, then this is the way. And there's no shame in failing to do this. That's actually why I have a job.

5.- Collect data and adapt

Once your video has been posted, boosted, and so on, you have one more task. However it performs, this video has now produced a lot of information for you to consider. Use any tool at your disposal to collect this information, learn from your video and from your audience, and make another video that performs better. Then, repeat the whole thing, over and over, until you're rich.


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