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Why choose animation for your brand

If you're thinking about making videos for your brand (as I keep saying you should), then first you have to make the same choice everyone has to make when making any kind of video: live action or animation? Should you get a camera, some lights, and some actors and put them in a location? Or should you pay someone to sit in front of a computer for a really long time until they pump out this moving illustration? I think you should go with the animation route, and here's why:

1.- Fewer things can go wrong
Live action is great. It really can be, if you can do it right. But many people make the mistake of thinking it's not that hard to make a good live action video, so they wing it. Then they find out how many things can potentially ruin the video. The location looks bad, the lighting changes, a train was passing by and ruined the audio, the actor is not really an actor, no one really knows why te camera is doing that thing. Etc. The fact is that animation is a lot more predictable, and fixing problems can be somewhat more relaxing.

2.- Great branding on video
The level of control you get from animation really is amazing. And you'd be surprised at the way a great animator can translate the identity of your brand into animation. Everything in a video can be used to give the audiance a sense of your brand, from the colors things are, to the very way they move. The level of control you get in animation can really make that a smooth translation.

3.- Anything is possible
Ok, let's say that you actually have some experience making live action videos, and you're confident that it won't go wrong. You also have a pretty good sense on how to translate your brand into live action terms. Well, there's still the greatest reason why you would pick animation: there are no limits. If you want a video about spacechips, caveman, or nuclear explosions, it's perfectly possible to do within the realms of animation. And the greatest thing is that it doesn't cost anymore. Doing such a thing in live action would probably bankrupt you.

In the end, it comes down to the fact that animation offers a lot of control and possibilities. Depending on what you're video is for, and what your budget is, you might find you're looking more for a live action option, but your can always count on animation to treat you with the same perks.


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