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The simple fact that we know that the most important thing in animation is not how good you can animate. The most important thing is WHAT you animate. And we only animate the best.

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our process

1. We hear from you

If you want a video, you probably also want a freakin’ awesome video studio. Now, we might be biased but that’s actually how we think of ourselves. So contact us.

2. Our first date

We’ll have coffee so you can tell us all about you, your organization, and the video you’re looking for. This will help us figure out how to animate it best.

3. The idea

During the brainstorm stage, we will think about your video so hard our families will start to worry about our health. We’ll brainstorm day and night until lightning strikes (get it? ‘Cause it’s a storm?) and then, We’ll get to work.

4. The fun begins

We’ll write up the sexiest, most on point script you’ve ever seen. We’ll develop a storyboard, a moodboard and as many boards as necessary. We’ll record the audio and develop all the pretty things that will end up moving.

5. Magic Sh*t

This part is confidential. But the short of it is that we’ll do some seriously magic sh*t to make everything move. It’s really amazing. Like, wow.

6. Finishing touches

Then we’ll just add some sweet music and a couple of sound effects and you can take your video home.

the office


some FAQ's

But like, is video really so important?

Videos are the biggest thing on the digital world right now. Whatever kind of business you own, video is no longer a luxury. 51.9% of marketing professionals agree that video content has the best ROI.

Are cartoons really the best way to go, though?

Ok, first of all, cartoons are only a small part of animation, Karen. Get your act together. Animation is a flexible and complex medium which can make your greatest desires come true. Second of all, yes.

But why animation and not live action?

Because the camera adds ten pounds. Also, animation has infinite possibilities. Any mood, tone, image or story can be achieved within the realms of animation.

So what’s the difference between 2D animation and 3D animation

The same difference there is between a square and a cube.

*Sees price tag* DAMN!

That wasn’t a question, but we know what you mean. Listen, a poorly made video is going to be irrelevant to your brand’s reputation, at best, while a great video can make you go to the next level. We swear it’s gonna be worth more than whatever we charge to make it.


I remember my grandma used to say: “a video is like sex; you want it done well, not done fast.” Ok, she never said that. But it’s still true. Check out our process to see all the work that is being put into it.


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