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Sir? Do you have a minute?

Advertising Video

Do you have a minute?

Need to advertise something very well? Then you need an advertising video by Flat! Studio! We could even advertise advertising videos, if that’s what you were selling.

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our process

1. We hear from you

If you decide to contact us, that’s because you are impressed with how well we advertised our advertising videos. So you know you’re in good hands.

2. Our first date

We’ll have coffee so you can tell us all about you, your organization, and whatever you want to advertise. This will help us figure out how to animate it best.

3. The idea

We will fall in love with your product or service. We will daydream about its best features. Eventually an idea about how to best express our love for it will come naturally.

4. The fun begins

We’ll write up the sexiest, most on point script you’ve ever seen. Seriously, anyone who read that would immediately want to buy from you. We’ll also develop a storyboard, a moodboard and as many boards as necessary. We’ll record the audio and develop all the pretty things that will end up moving.

5. Magic Sh*t

This part is confidential. But the short of it is that we’ll do some seriously magic sh*t to make everything move. It’s really amazing. Like, wow.

6. Finishing touches

Then we’ll just add some sweet music and a couple of sound effects and that’s it. You’ll watch it and the advertising will be so good that you’ll try to buy from yourself and the universe will explode.

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How to make a marketing video step by step - part 1

How to make a marketing video step by step - part 1

by Vidal Castillo · 29 July 2019
F*ck flyers

F*ck flyers

by Vidal Castillo · 22 July 2019

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