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Wait for it...


Wait! I can explain…

Explainer video

Wait! I can explain…

Ok, so you want to know what an explainer video is. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a video to explain it to you? Well there you go.

I need this

our process

1. We hear from you

If you want a video, you probably also want a freakin’ awesome video studio. Now, we might be biased but that’s actually how we think of ourselves. So contact us.

2. Our first date

We’ll have coffee so you can explain us everything that you want us to explain to other people.

3. The idea

Explanation is an art. And a science. One of us will get an amazing idea about how to explain the thing we want to explain, and he will explain it to the rest of us.

4. The fun begins

The secret to explaining something is a good script. We’ll make it clever and clear. There will be no room for confusion or doubt. It’ll be awesome. We’ll also develop a storyboard, a moodboard and as many boards as necessary. We’ll record the audio and develop all the pretty things that will end up moving.

5. Magic Sh*t

It’s kinda hard to explain this part. In fact, it would take a video. But the short of it is that we’ll do some seriously magic sh*t to make everything move. It’s really amazing. Like, wow.

6. Finishing touches

Then we’ll just add some sweet music and a couple of sound effects and you can take your video home.

who loves us

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How to make a marketing video step by step - part 1

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by Vidal Castillo · 22 July 2019

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